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Spay and Neuter

SPCA International has helped to spay and neuter thousands of animals through partnerships with local animal welfare groups in Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, The Bahamas, Haiti, Granada, Costa Rica, Romania, Nepal, Pakistan, Kuwait, China, Tanzania, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, The Philippines, Kenya, The United States and many more. Since 2011, we have teamed up with Spay Panama for special yearly "mega spay" events that result in the sterilization of more than 1,000 pets and stray animals in just a few short days. Watch the video to find out how our supporters helped to fund this important work in Panama and visit our Spay and Neuter area to learn more about how we help curb pet overpopulation worldwide.

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Above: Spay Panama's team of volunteer veterinarians preform low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for local dogs and cats. "On behalf of the less fortunate animals in Panama, thank you very much for your generous donation of veterinary supplies. The gloves, face masks, antibiotic, topical cream, eye drops, ultrasound gel, syringes, etc. will benefit thousands of animals We are feeling blessed." Pat Chan, Spay Panama Founder

Below from left: Veterinary supplies arrive in the Dominican Republic, local man brings his dog to the low-cost spay and neuter clinic at the Animal AWARE shelter in Guatemala, Dog Rescue Romania founder preforms a spay and neuter in their mobile sterilization van, TAWESO's Dr. Kahema speaks with dog owners at a clinic in Tanzania.

Shelter Support Fund

Part of SPCA International's founding vision was to support and partner with smaller animal groups domestically and internationally to increase impact. Since 2007, SPCA International has assisted over 313 animal shelters and rescue groups, and increased our total grant dollars distributed yearly by more than 936%. In 2015, SPCAI launched Sam's Cause dedicated to the plight of all dogs who suffer in the name of dog fighting. Check out our Shelter Support Fund page to learn more about the groups we've helped and this impactful program.


Above: Every year as many as 60,000 Spanish Greyhounds (galgos) are killed or abandoned in rural areas of Spain by the hunters who bred them. SPCAI has been working on this issue since 2012. In 2015 SPCAI and SOS Galgos teamed up to amplify the voices of thousands of outraged world citizens in our fight to ban this so-called "sport" while leading a protest through the streets of Barcelona. The protest culminated with a sit in outside the main government building in Barcelona. 

Below from left: The SPCAI executive director and program manager march in a protest through the streets of Barcelona, more than 500 people join the 2015 march, protesters lied down in the street to help the rescued Spanish Greyhounds stand out, Executive Director Meredith Ayan talks with a local activist.

Operation Military Pets

When military families are ordered to a new base in the U.S. or around the world it can be quite costly. The military pays for many of the moving expenses, but they don’t help our military families relocate their family pet. Operation Military Pets keeps military families and their pets together by providing financial assistance for pet relocation costs. Whether being relocated within the U.S. or anywhere in the world, we are here to keep pets with the ones they love. Since launching this program 2013, we have helped over 800 U.S. military families stay together. 

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Above: 2015 Operation Military Pets grant recipient, U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Justin Hernandez and his wife, Jessica, with their dogs Bennie and Diesel. "The SPCA has blessed my family with more than we could ever ask for. By granting a lump sum, my wife and I are able to take our pups to our new home overseas. I highly recommend this organization to anyone in need. The process was easy to do. Everyone we spoke to was very helpful and polite. They take what they do as more than just a job, but rather making a difference. We look forward to keeping in touch with this organization and spreading the word to more families just like us. Thank you again SPCA International from the Hernandez Family."

Below from left: USAF SSgt Brandon Caves with his two dogs Luna and Hoshi,  USMC Private Stephen Maraist with his two dogs Bella and Tyson, USMC Sgt David Ringnalda with his dogs Gunner and Bailey, USAF SSgt William Jones with his pup Missy. 

Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide

Since 2007, SPCA International's Operation Baghdad Pups has saved 539 dogs and cats and even one donkey for U.S. military personnel deployed around the world. These animals are beloved by our troops and veterans and help them readjust to life back home after deployment. SPCA International is always ready to respond to new pleas for help from military personnel stationed anywhere around the world.


Above: U.S. Army Sgt. Adam Jones served in a Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) detachment deployed in Egypt in 2015. A puppy was given to this unit as a way to help boost morale. They named him Boom - a fitting name for the mascot of a team of explosives experts. Boom often accompanied the Soldiers on demolition range training exercises where Boom got more freedom to explore. Off duty, Boom was their favorite company for downtime; snuggling up in their laps, playing fetch and learning tricks. When Jones' detachment was ordered to redeploy back home, he knew he couldn't leave Boom behind. SPCA International was there to help and a few months later Boom arrived int he U.S. Now, Boom is living the good life with Jones and his wife on their beautiful farm in Kansas.

Below from left: Sgt. Jacob and his dog Jax reunite in California, Leila rescued from Iraq in August 2015, three Americans serving in Iraq hold up signs to show their appreciation for SPCAI donors who helped fund the rescue of the two pups in their arms, Sgt. Duck and Layla on patrol in Iraq.

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