ON GOING RESCUE: Our team is on the ground in Brazil helping with rescue efforts. There are thousands of animals impacted by severe flooding. Donate to help save them.

URGENT: 12 Dogs' Lives Are At Risk

They Will Not Survive If Left Behind

Members of the U.S. military and the 12 dogs they rescued are counting on your generosity. These innocent animals were victims of cruelty, abuse, and neglect. The heroes who saved them have been caring for these pups for months, but as their deployments end, the future of their beloved companions is at risk. If left behind, they will not survive. Stray dogs in the Middle East rarely make it to adulthood. They often starve or are killed by other animals or, even more heartbreakingly, by people.

We can save them, but we can not do it alone. Help us bring them home.

These 12 precious Patriot Pets still need sponsors to get home.