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Asociatia Tom si Jerry

Cluj, Transylvania
Type of Organization
Rescue and Education
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Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
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Radu Tarmure has loved animals all his life and has dedicated his life to helping them.  On land he rents with his own funds, Radu constructed a refuge in the mountains about 10 kilometers from the city of Cluj, Romania to house the dogs he has saved from the street as well as other animals (including turkeys and horses) that need temporary or permanent housing.  This refuge – named Asociatia Tom si Jerry (The Tom and Jerry Association) – currently provides housing to 479 dogs, about 120 of which are unlikely ever to be adopted and are thus  more or less permanent residents.  Romania struggles with a large number of homeless and abandoned canines so the bulk of Radu’s efforts are focused on them.  This past year, Asociatia Tom si Jerry was able to find homes for 106 dogs and 48 cats.  It also provided urgent medical care to 120 animals.

Asociatia Tom si Jerry is involved in public education regarding the rights of animals.  It intervenes in cases of abuse and neglect, removing animals from distressing situations that may result from cruelty or simple ignorance.  Furthermore, the organization spays and neuters countless dogs and cats in order to reduce the number of unwanted animals in and around Cluj.  Due to a recent campaign by local authorities to euthanize all ownerless dogs, Asocatia Tom si Jerry has been working overtime to save as many dogs as possible.

SPCA International is pleased that our Shelter of the Week grant to Asociatia Tom si Jerry is highlighting the great work done by Radu and his team of dedicated volunteers for the animals of Romania. We wish them further successes in their efforts to end the suffering of companion animals.

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