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Vozpopuli | Is it Possible to Ban Hunting with Hounds in Spain?

Vozpopuli.com (Public Voice – the value of being free and reliable)

by Laura Díez

Spanish Post: http://vozpopuli.com/actualidad/40275-se-podria-prohibir-la-caza-con-galgos-en-espana-protectoras-y-diputados-lo-llevan-al-congreso?

(Imperfect translation by Google Translate) Hunting with hounds in Spain is one of those controversial topics that proponents and critics cross reproaches and mutual accusations to steady your posture. The galgueros called defending their love for dogs as the main argument and always come to the “we are not all equal.” Meanwhile the animal protection associations and greyhounds especially refer to abuse suffered by this race, always associated with the instrumentation that make them hunters. A large number of them have developed a series of proposals by the Parliamentary Association in Defense of the Rights of Animals (APDDA) lead the Congress with a long- term ban hunting with hounds.

On this occasion , about a hundred people gathered Wednesday in the House of Representatives in a paper under the name ” Greyhounds : Spain to the world ,” on the first thing they remembered is that Spain is the only country in EU still allowing hunting with hounds , while countries such as Germany (1952 ), Belgium ( 1995 ), Scotland ( 2002) and the UK ( 2004) and have been banning . Coordinated by the deputy of the Aragonese Chesús Yuste , the act intended as a starting point to articulate a series of proposals that result in legislative initiatives to limit this practice on animals.

“More than 50,000 greyhounds are abandoned, hanged or thrown into wells in February, ending the month at hunting,” says the founder of SOS Galgos veterinarian

To do this, different associations as SOS Galgos, Greyhounds without borders or Baas Galgo, in collaboration with other international and the Franz Weber Foundation (Switzerland) , French Club CREL or the American SPCA International- Global Animal Rescue , have joined forces with about 40 deputies and senators of all political forces APDDA – forming , with Pacma own and even an agent of the Municipal Police and forest officials to prevent the abuse which they say brings everything around to this tradition.

Figures abuse

Deputy Joan Josep Nuet ( Plural Left ) and asked at the time the Government ‘s approach to address this complicated situation Greyhound in Spain , since according to unofficial figures used protective , over 50,000 greyhounds are abandoned , hanged or thrown into a pit in February, the month in which the hunting season ends . “Just this past February have appeared 167 greyhounds hanged. Currently have data on some 190,000 federal galgueros with 500,000 registered greyhounds to hunt, but we believe that we currently around 900,000 hands galgueros greyhound . Figures are very different depending whom the offer because there is no official data. in 2013, Seprona , 53 greyhounds were abandoned , but a survey of the Affinity Foundation 12 protective speaks of 2,600 , of which also only 25% of those arriving are identified “explains Albert Sorde , veterinarian and founder of SOS Galgos.