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Dog Rescue Romania
April 2015

Dog Rescue Romania Is Saving Lives Every Day

Big Thanks To Operation
Military Pets

Watch the Documentary: “February: The Fear of
Spanish Greyhounds”

Shelter Spotlight:
Mission K9 Rescue

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Dog Rescue Romania Is Saving Lives Every Day
In Bucharest, Romania, hundreds of unwanted dogs roam the streets in search of food, shelter and perhaps a kind hand, but sadly, the plight for these dogs is an awful one. Abused, neglected, starved and killed; they are unwelcomed.

In May 2013, a veterinarian by the name of Dr. Rudi Hofmann decided to open a small shelter for approximately 50 animals in the heart of Bucharest on a small piece of land. He called it Dog Rescue Romania. Seeing the immense need, his intention was to help those with critical medical issues, and once treatment was over, find them good homes. But only 3 months after their opening, Dr. Hofmann found himself in the middle of a shocking cruelty crisis.
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Big Thanks To Operation Military Pets
OMPOperation Military Pets not only celebrated its two-year anniversary this past month, but it also celebrated helping its 300th military family. This is a huge and proud milestone for the program because of what it represents; helping countless military families and beloved pets move all over the world so they can stay just that, a family. With much appreciation and gratitude, those families want to say thank you. Read Their Notes of Thanks
Watch the Documentary: “February: The Fear of Spanish Greyhounds”
SPCA InternationalWe are pleased to share the online release of the award winning documentary, February: The Fear of Spanish Greyhounds. As many of our supporters know, in many rural areas of Spain there exists an age-old tradition of cruelty toward greyhounds used in hare coursing. Filmmaker Irene Blanquez's documentary focuses on the inhumane treatment, training methods and ultimate abandonment of thousands of Greyhounds at the end of hunting season in February each year. Blanquez has published her documentary online to educate people about the harsh realities of this “sport”. Find Out More
Shelter Spotlight: Mission K9 Rescue
SPCA InternationalMission K9 Rescue is a non-profit organization in Texas, dedicated to the service of retiring and retired military working dogs and contract working dogs worldwide. Their purpose is to serve, rehabilitate, and find homes for retired military working dogs, contract working dogs, and other types of working dogs who have served overseas and within the U.S. The organization’s founders believe that these heroic dogs have a right to a good retirement, a loving home, and lifelong care. Learn More
Hey, Did You Know?
SPCA InternationalUnicorns really do exist! The narwhal is the unicorn of the sea, a pale-colored porpoise found in the Arctic coastal region swimming and living in the waters and rivers. It has been found that these legendary animals only have two teeth. In males, the more prominent tooth grows into a sword-like, spiral tusk up to 8.8 feet (2.7 meters) long. The ivory tusk tooth grows right through the narwhal's upper lip, giving it the mythical unicorn flare. Scientists are not certain of the tusk's purpose, but some believe it is prominent in mating rituals, perhaps used to impress females or to battle rival suitors. (Information from National Geographic.com)
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