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March 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Simca Stole His
Heart in Baghdad

They Broke His Back,
But Not His Soul

SPCAI is Keeping
Military Families Together

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Simca Stole His Heart in Baghdad
For 10 years, Simca worked protecting the lives of the people of the British Embassy in Baghdad by searching vehicles entering the Embassy for explosives. When her retirement day arrived she wasn’t celebrated, she was locked away in her kennel and only allowed out twice a day for about 15 minutes a time to relieve herself. She had no bedding because she used to chew her blankets through absolute boredom, so the handlers took it away from her. All Simca had was a cold concrete floor until Alex found her. That day, Simca met her savior.
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They Broke His Back, But Not His Soul
How to Ruin Your Thanksgiving DinnerIn the last two years, Romania has received worldwide attention in regard to the way hundreds of thousands of stray dogs have been managed, destroyed and brutally abused. All across social media we have heard their cries and we have seen their awful pictures. Max is one of the rare Romanian stories with a happy ending. Meet Max
SPCAI is Keeping Military Families Together
SPCAI is Keeping Military Families TogetherWe are excited to announce that our Operation Military Pets program has now assisted almost 300 U.S. military families! In the past two months alone we have helped 28 struggling military families keep their beloved furry family members by distributing over $25,000 in grants. More families are coming to us for help than ever before and our distribution rates are increasing to keep up with the demand. Find Out More
Hey, Did You Know?
How to Ruin Your Thanksgiving DinnerWe could save the lives of millions of birds a year with better glass in our windows. As reported by Jane J. Lee at National Geographic, an estimated 600 million birds die yearly in window collisions in just the US and Canada. One expert says these collisions kill more birds than oil spills or pesticides do. Lee reports that new solutions are starting to be developed, like glass with patterns that birds can see and avoid, but that don’t disturb the human eye. If those products make their way to the market and catch on, millions of birds could be saved.
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