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February 2015
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Sugar Plum & Shadow
Homecoming Photos

Massacre in Romania:
Dog Hell on Earth

Shelter Spotlight:
Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

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Sugar Plum & Shadow Homecoming Photos
Sugar Plum and her mother, Shadow, arrived in the U.S. this week after a long, complicated and arduous journey from the streets of Baghdad. These two lucky pups worked their way into a permanent spot in the hearts of two Americans serving at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. This is what we think they experienced as they arrived and settled in.

Experience Their Homecoming
Massacre in Romania: Dog Hell on Earth
SPCA InternationalToday Romanian dogs are being abused, killed and repeatedly tortured in the most barbaric manner. They are often beaten, cut, poisoned and left for dead in the streets, or placed in small kennels at public pounds to slowly die of thirst and hunger on their own. Romania is now receiving worldwide scrutiny because of this unbelievable brutality toward animals – but the massacres continue. Romania’s stray dog population is a by-product of the communist regime that ruled the country until 1989 under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceasescu. Learn More
Shelter Spotlight: Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue
SPCA InternationalGentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue was formed to facilitate the rescue of Draft and Draft Cross horses from slaughter, abuse, and neglect. Slaughter is a highly profitable market and most of the public is unaware that buyers for the slaughterhouses frequent public auctions to purchase their horses. Gentle Giants makes it their goal to attend the same public auctions to outbid the meat buyer in order to provide these beautiful and often overworked animals with loving homes and the treatment and veterinary care they so deserve. Find Out More
Hey, Did You Know?
SPCA InternationalAlbino means that an animal does not produce melanin, resulting in little or no color in the skin, hair, and eyes. Albinism occurs throughout nature. There are albino cows, gorillas, toads, bats, alligators and more. The small town of Olney, Illinois, is famous for its albino squirrels. Albino squirrels have the right of way on all public streets and sidewalks in Olney. There is even a $750 fine for running one over with a car.

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