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Announcing New Interim Executive Director

August 2014

Two Loving Dogs in Need of a Forever Home

Protesting Spanish
Greyhound Abuse

15 Minutes in a Car Can Kill

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Hello Friend,

(Woof, meow and chirp to all those furry and feathered readers out there!)

I’m delighted to introduce myself as SPCA International’s new Interim Executive Director. Our longtime Executive Director, JD Winston, has chosen a new path after serving SPCAI with passion and vision for over seven years. He will be dearly missed by our staff and supporters, but we are also energized by this opportunity for transformation at a time when SPCAI is poised to make a deeper and stronger impact on suffering animals around the world.

I am not a new face around here – after four years with my sleeves rolled up in SPCAI’s programs, I am excited to step into this new leadership role and help guide the organization through this transition. In just the past few months you have heard from me as I have led rescue operations to Iraq and the Philippines for animals beloved by our U.S. military personnel. Last year, I directed field work in Guatemala and Spain. And earlier this year, I testified on behalf of SPCAI at the Spanish Congress of Deputies during hearings on Spanish Greyhound abuse. I hope you will come along with me as we continue to fight abuse worldwide, help suffering animals and save countless lives.


Meredith Ayan
Interim Executive Director
SPCA International

P.S. We welcome you to take a moment to email JD Winston notes of appreciation for his years of stewardship. Check out some highlights of my recent work in our video archives.
Two Loving Dogs in Need of a Forever Home
How to Ruin Your Thanksgiving DinnerSandy & Thai are adorable pups who need a new home. Sandy is an energetic dog who loves to be around people and loves to cuddle and play. She will even shake your hand when you ask! Thai is good with other animals and likes children too. He loves getting cuddles, playing with his toys and a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios before he goes to sleep! Do you have room in your home and heart for Sandy or Thai?
Protesting Spanish Greyhound Abuse
“This abuse will stop!” Those were the words being chanted on the weekend of June 9th, when our friends at SOS Galgos took to the streets of Barcelona for a 3-kilometer march in protest against the cruelty inflicted upon the Spanish Greyhounds. Join the Fight
15 Minutes in a Car Can Kill
Dogs can make wonderful travel companions. Many dogs are quick to jump in the car, eager to stick their head out the open window and enjoy the ride. However, there are times when taking your dog with you is not a good idea. The summer heat can quickly cause a carefree car ride to become a deadly outing.
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Hey, Did You Know?
HippopotamusThe name "hippopotamus" means river horse and even though they spend most of their time in water, they can only hold their breaths for 5 minutes at a time. A hippo will eat up to 150 pounds of grass a day and while they are strict herbivores, they can fit a 4 foot human in their mouths wide open, so best to steer clear of their path!
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