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Thousands of Greyhounds Left for Dead in Spain
SPCA International took on a new campaign last year to raise awareness about the horrific treatment, torture and killing of hunting Greyhounds in Spain. The Spanish Greyhound or "Galgo" is bred for hunting hare mainly in the southern regions of Spain. The methods by which these dogs are trained to hunt are beyond cruel and unusual; eclipsed only by the methods in which they are often tortured and discarded at the end of the hunting season.

February marks the end of hunting season and this month many Greyhounds determined to be inadequate hunters will be killed. Thousands of Greyhounds are beaten and left for dead, buried alive, or hung, and others are simply abandoned on the side of country roads, at great risk of being hit by cars or starving to death.

This tradition of horrific cruelty must stop! This newsletter is dedicated to the Greyhounds of Spain - alone, hurt and afraid. Learn More and Join Our Fight!
Simba's Rescue Story
When Simba was found by SOS Galgos volunteers in Toledo, Spain, earlier this month she was hiding between trees and had an olive branch embedded in her mouth, keeping her jaw from closing properly. This cruel trick is an all too common punishment used by hunters for Greyhounds that are not performing properly. Find Out How this Victim Survived
Melody's Rescue Story
Melody was once owned by a hunter or “Galguero” in Spain and was starved for food and affection when SPCA International staff first set eyes on her last year. At that time, she was only a few months old. Although she was friendly, she was too scared and timid to approach the bars of her enclosure. Our local volunteers coaxed her over with some food, but she would only eat the food quickly and run away again to a safe distance. How Is Melody Doing Now??
PETITION: This Abuse Must Stop
Help SPCA International and SOS Galgos make a difference! Together we must speak out against this torture. Please help us ban Greyhound hunting in Spain by signing and sharing this petition. Join us to stop the abuse and needless death of thousands of these gentle dogs by lending your voice right now. Please share this petition on Facebook and Twitter too.Make your voice heard!
Hey, Did You Know?
Spanish Greyhounds (as we call them) are called "Galgos"€ in Spain. While very similar to the Greyhound breed common in the US, they are different. To the untrained eye, they look identical, but there are some key differences. Galgos are more slender dogs, built for endurance running, rather than speed. Galgos are also typically smaller than Greyhounds, and have larger ears as well as two types of coats: wire (longer hair) and smooth (short).

February 2014

Thousands of Greyhounds
Left for Dead in Spain

Simba's Rescue Story

Melody's Rescue Story

PETITION: This Abuse Must Stop

Hey, Did You Know?

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