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Helping Stray Cats with the U.S. Consulate in Erbil
Struggle to help neglected animals in Thailand continues
Two years ago, SPCA International was alerted to a facility in Thailand called "Dog Condo" that had experienced major damage during flooding. When we sent our team to inspect the site, we were shocked at the conditions these animals were living in. Over the last two years, we have made good progress in improving the lives of all Dog Condo's inhabitants, and our work continues. In partnership with local activist Soot Liang Woo and the Temple that oversees the facility, SPCA International has sparked new action including a massive spay and neuter campaign and critical dialog about what long-term solutions are needed. What's Happening Now
Fighting the Dog Meat Trade in the Philippines
How to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner In 2013, SPCA International made it our mission to support animal organizations working to stop the illegal transportation and slaughter of dogs for consumption in Southeast Asia. PAWS (Philippines Animal Welfare Society) is working hard to put a stop to this horrible and seemingly endless cycle of abuse and slaughter. Thanks to generous SPCA International donor support, we were able to deliver a $4,000 grant to this astounding organization so that they can continue their work. Learn More
Yellow Ribbon Warns to Keep Your Distance
How to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner When you pass a person with a dog on the street, you usually stop and say something - at least to the dog. But what if there is a yellow ribbon on their leash. Do you know what that means? It is a new warning and that is quickly becoming recognized here in the United States and other countries because not every dog that you see out for a walk on a leash is a dog that welcomes a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ear. Find Out More About Yellow Ribbons
Shelter Spotlight: Sasha's Dogs
How to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner When a man named Sasha began dedicating his life to the otherwise horrible plight of the stray dogs of Serbia, he did not foresee one day running a shelter with over 400 dogs. Having spent his life savings on their care and feeding, Sasha recently found himself without any more funds and the dogs went without food for almost 2 days. When SPCAI heard about this, we immediately took action and provided a grant that would ensure these dogs would not go hungry.
Sasha's Lifesaving Work
Hey, Did You Know?
VulturesThe only marsupial to live in North America is the opossum. These nocturnal creatures prefer to be alone and are typically gentle and try to avoid all confrontation with other animals or humans. If they are frightened and cornered they will growl and in some cases play dead as a defense. The most common myth about opossums is that they sleep upside down hanging by their tails; they can hang for short periods of time but not overnight.

January 2014

Struggle to help neglected animals
in Thailand continues

Fighting the Dog Meat Trade in the Philippines

Yellow Ribbon Warns to Keep Your Distance

Shelter Spotlight: Sasha's Dogs

Hey, Did You Know?

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