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SAN DIEGO -- It was an emotional reunion between a San Diego Navy Petty Officer and a long-lost feline friend Wednesday night.

Chris Lindsey has served in the Navy for 15 years and completed six tours overseas. He said being away from his wife, young son and dog, Foxy, is always hard.

But Lindsey's last deployment in Greece was a little easier after he unexpectedly met "another lady."

“I didn’t find Alley. Alley found me,” Lindsey said. Now don't get the wrong idea: Alley is a cat -- a stray in fact. “There were probably 20 strays and she was the only one out of all of them that would come up to any of us. It hit rainy season, so that’s when we started letting her in,” Lindsey told FOX 5.

In no time, Lindsey and Alley were like two peas in a pod. Alley brought comfort to Lindsey.

“Mainly I’ve been a dog person and I never in my entire life thought I would adopt a cat, but I fell in love with Alley,” Lindsey said. And the sailor felt a real sense of sadness when it came time to pack up and head home. “I was like, 'I can’t leave her here.' I didn’t think she would survive. I really wanted her to have a good home."

So he started digging around and got in touch with Operation Baghdad Pups and SPCA International, organizations that made it a mission to get Alley back to Lindsey. And on Wednesday night, Alley -- flying all the way from Greece -- finally landed at San Diego International Airport.

“I missed you. I missed you," Lindsey said as he first held Alley. For three months Lindsey and his family had been waiting for that exact moment. “Look at how sweet she is," Lindsey's wife, Tiffany said.

Alley almost instantly started purring the second she returned to Lindsey's arms. Lindsey said the first thing Alley got to do when she got home is feast on gourmet cat food.

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