Sailor's Dog Needs Rescue from Iraq

A sailor's dog is in danger of being left behind and alone in Iraq when the unit she has served returns home. She's not alone two dozen other animals are facing the same fate.

For Navy Lt. John, returning home from Iraq later this year could be bittersweet. If the planned animal-travel in Iraq embargoes in June comes into play 4-year-old Lady will be not be able to fly out of the war torn country. Lady has been part of the U.S. Base as a Force Protection Canine since 2007. The animal-travel embargo by airlines will soon be in effect where the heat makes it unsafe for animals to fly. According to SPCA International, the time to get Lady into the U.S. is now. Lady will be cared for by Lt. John's mother Mary until he returns home if Lady is rescued. To help bring Lady home you can donate here.


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