Help Save OBP Dog Lou in Virginia Beach!

You can tell by watching Lou she lives to make her loved ones happy.

And that's exactly how SPCA International remembers her when they met her last January in the war zone of Iraq.

They were contacted by a sailor who was nearing the end of his deployment. For the past year, Lou was more than just his unit's pet - she was a member of their family.

"Lou was befriended by sailors, slept in their living quarters, fed military food, and really became a part of their team. And in Iraq dogs aren't considered pets. They are equivalent to a New York street rat," said Stephanie Scott.

And the bond between Lou and that sailor was so strong he would do just about anything to bring her back home with him to Hampton Roads.

"They were taught by the military never to leave anyone behind and these dogs were part of their unit. So they felt they could not leave them behind," she said.

Stephanie, spokesperson for SPCA International, says it was a lengthy process, but just like hundreds of others, Lou was adopted through their Operation Baghdad Pups Program.

But getting Lou from the middle east to America wasn't easy. Lou had to be escorted from Baghdad to Kuwait, to Germany, eventually landing in Virginia.

Unfortunately, months after she arrived to Hampton Roads the Sailor could no longer afford to care for her, so she was taken to the Virginia Beach Animal Control Center.

That's when a NewsChannel 3 viewer sent us this email, asking us to Take Action, and share Lou's story hoping someone would adopt her.

Even though she had traveled around the globe had been separated from the only family that she's known and was left in this shelter.

Lou is still a happy dog waiting patiently for her forever family to take her in.

Lou is also still available for adoption. If you are interested in meeting her, to see if she's the right fit for your family, you can stop by the Virginia Beach Animal Control Shelter. They open at 11am.

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