Dog Stop Radio with special guest, Stephanie Scott

Dog Stop Radio Segment 1 - Discussion of current events, advice and ways to help today's animal welfare efforts.
At this very moment across the globe, thousands of animals are suffering. They may be homeless, neglected, sold on the black market, or abused in many other gut-wrenching ways. SPCA International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2006 operates a variety of outreach, rescue and educational programs. Listen to SPCA International's Director of Communications, Stephanie Scott, highlight how SPCA International is saving animals around the world.  Listen Now!

Dog Stop Radio Segment 2 - Stories and news about Operation Baghdad Pups
SPCA International's Operation Baghdad Pups program provides assistance to servicemen and their families who wish to transport an animal from the war zone in the Middle East to their home in the United States. The logistics of moving animals from a war zone to a new home are complicated and expensive. SPCA International's Director of Communications, Stephanie Scott, highlights heart-warming stories of two dogs out of more than 200 animals who have been brought to the United States and are considered heroes today.   Listen Now!

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The Dog Stop delivers pertinent information in an entertaining way to dog lovers nationwide. Listen to training tips, news stories and interviews with top pet industry experts across the nation.

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