By  | February 25, 2019

A U.S. Army sergeant was reportedly reconnected in Texas on Friday with the pup that helped him get through part of his time serving overseas.

The reunion between Sgt. Kevyn Solarez and his dog Josie (shown above, along with Solarez’s wife) happened after nearly 45 days of being apart — but it was “going to make the whole deployment worth it,” Solarez told Fox 7 Austin.

The furry companion was only about eight weeks old when she wandered up to the gate where Solarez was during his time in Iraq, he told the outlet.

Josie made her appearance during the holiday season.

That’s a tough time for those who are deployed, he explained.

Afterward, the service member helped care for her.

“For about two months, half of my food, for every meal I would get, that’s what she was eating,” Solarez told Fox 7 Austin.

After returning to the United States, Solarez was able to reunite with his pooch with the help of SPCA International.

The pair have “a little stronger than average” connection after “going through the hard times” together,” he told Fox 7 Austin.

Solarez picked Josie up upon her arrival at an Austin airport.

“Lots of snuggling” is in their future, he said.

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