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September 2017 eNews

Huge Success: 1,000 Grants Saved Countless Military Pets

Time to bust out the ticker tape and fanfare! The SPCAI team just surpassed 1,000 Operation Military Pets grants sent to military families in need. In just four years, this program has helped keep a thousand military families together and countless pets out of shelters.  

Saving the Dogs of Chernobyl

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occured more than thirty years ago. Today hundreds of dogs are still living in the exclusion zone – alone and trapped. SPCAI’s staff recently visited the dogs in the exclusion zone.

Hero's Journey to California

Hero’s rescue was a success. This adorable pup from Iraq, who captured the heart of U.S. Army SPC Hatch and a required life-or-death rescue, arrived at SPC Hatch’s California home last week. We have lots of photos to share with you!

Hey Did You Know?

The chital is native to India and Sri Lanka but has been introduced to Hawaii, Texas and even Australia. Their reddish coloring with white spots and a white underside easily identify them. Chital travel in herds that can consist of up to 100 deer! Chital are very vocal and use bellowing, growling, barking, moaning and squealing noises to communicate.

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