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October 2016

VIDEO: Dog Rescued from Syria Reunites with Refugee Family

Olympic Dog Gets an
Olympic Home

A Miraculous Recovery for a
Brave Dog

Breed Specific Legislation:
What Is It?

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VIDEO: Dog Rescued from Syria Reunites with
Refugee Family

Get out the tissues - this video brings on happy tears.  A dog’s difficult and dangerous journey from Aleppo, Syria, to Montreal, Quebec culminated in a heartwarming reunion at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport last week.

This rescue took SPCAI months of planning and coordination, but after a long journey Fox-the-dog joyfully jumped into the arms of his Syrian refugee family. Fox’s love for the mother and her two sons who refused to forget him is caught on tape in this wonderful, heartwarming reunion video.


Want to know even more about this amazing rescue? Read the press release.

Olympic Dog Gets an Olympic Home

Floquinho is one of the dogs we featured for adoption during the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to a big-hearted Olympic gold medalist, Flo (for short) is now living the good life in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Follow her journey from shelter to forever home in this photo essay.

A Miraculous Recovery for a Brave Dog
In early August our supporters received an email about an emaciated dog, named Victoria, with burns covering more than 30% of her body. Victoria and 13 other dogs endured unspeakable cruelty before they were rescued. Thanks to a tremendous outpouring of support; these dogs receiving the care they need. Check out these new photos of Victoria!
Breed Specific Legislation: What Is It?
Many people have followed the news out of Montreal recently, where the city council ruled to pass “Breed Specific Legislation” or “BSL”. The guidelines of the law are so vague they extend to any type of dogs with “pit-bull” like characteristics. Visual breed recognition is entirely subjective and notoriously unreliable. Family dogs with no history of aggression or behavioral problems are subject to a host of new restrictions. Learn More
Hey, Did You Know?
The term “Pit-bull” doesn’t refer to a specific breed, but is a term for a type of dog. Dogs that fall under this categorization include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Many of these breeds were originally bred for fighting but after these barbaric practices were banned pit-bulls were moved into the home were they became “nanny dogs” because of their gentle nature around children. Since then, their intelligence and good nature has helped them become wonderful family companions, police dogs and therapy dogs.
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