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March 2016

Hundreds of leashes and collars
for the dogs of Tanzania!

Brew is cruisin' home

Shelter spotlight:
Elephant Aid International

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Hundreds of leashes and collars for the dogs of Tanzania!
During our research and relief trip to Tanzania in 2015, we were astonished to see countless injuries due to makeshift collars and leashes. Wire, small twine and even barbed wire was regularly used by otherwise caring pet parents who could not afford anything more than free scrap material found lying around. The people in this poverty stricken area could not afford a proper collar or leash for their beloved animals - prices for such items were very high and wages desperately low. Moreover, the materials they did use caused chronic pain and suffering for their dogs.

During our visit, we urgently reached out to you, our wonderful supporters, to help us bring the people of Tanzania the collars and leashes their pets need. You responded with resounding support. See the impact your donations made!
Brew is cruisin' home
BrewBrew used to live in a junkyard in Kosovo and her only comfort was Sgt. David; a U.S. Soldier stationed nearby. He provided her with love, affection, food and most importantly, cookies. Thanks to awe-inspiring support from you she is finally on her way to her forever home with Sgt. David and his family in the U.S. Follow Brew's journey home.
Shelter spotlight: Elephant Aid International
Elephant AidElephants play an important role in the in the lives of the people in Southeast Asia and often suffer because of it. Elephant Aid International is a unique and effective organization working to provide a better quality of life for elephants in captivity and semi-wild environments. Learn more about this amazing foundation.
Hey, did you know?
Pale KangarooThe pale kangaroo mouse isn't found in Australia but rather in the western United States. Unlike other mice the kangaroo mouse has large ears, short front limbs and long hind legs that allow them to hop around like a kangaroo. The pale kangaroo mouse is nocturnal only coming out after sundown due an extreme sensitivity to light. The pale kangaroo can be found in dry, desert areas but has also been seen on sand dunes.
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