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New Years Resolution
January 2016

Our New Year's Resolution:
Save More Lives in 2016

Patriot Pets: Brew
and Dushka Updates

VIDEO: Tyapa
Walkingon Two Legs
& Rehabilitation Update

Video: Classic song gets new
lyrics and adorable visuals

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Our New Year's Resolution: Save More Lives in 2016
Happy 2016! This year has already proved busy for our whole team and we are very energized by some exciting new partnerships and a flood of new rescue requests coming in this month. After closing out a tremendously successful, life-saving 2015, we're already poised to make even more impact in 2016. Below we've compiled some rescue updates for those of you who are eager to hear how Brew, Dushka and Tyapa are doing today.
Patriot Pets: Brew and Dushka Updates (plus video)
Brew and DushkaWhile many of us were busy with holiday activities, our Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide team was coordinating last minute rescues at the end of December in Iraq. Shortly thereafter, our New Year got off with a bang when we received an unexpected surge in applications for rescues out of Baghdad, Egypt and Kuwait. We couldn't be happier to help our brave American servicemembers and veterans overseas! Updates On Brew and Dushka
VIDEO: Tyapa Walking on Two Legs & Rehabilitation Update
TyapaMany of you will remember this remarkable dog, Tyapa and her story of abuse and rescue from our emails in December. Tyapa had her two left paws brutally chopped off for no reason other than that she happened to wander onto an unfriendly farmer's property. Since this attack Tyapa's wounds have healed and she has learned how to run around on only 2 legs. Video: Video: Tyapa On A Walk
VIDEO: Classic song with new lyrics and adorable visuals
Dog ShelterFor the last 50 years children all over the world have sung, "How Much is That Doggie in the Window". SPCA Singapore partnered with SPCA International to promote a new version of this Patti Page classic. "Do You See That Doggie in the Shelter" speaks about the homeless dogs and cats all over the world, the animals that have so much love to give and in need of a home. Video: New Patti Page Song
Hey, Did You Know?
Did You KnowThe Amur Leopard is one the rarest cats in the world. The Amur Leopard can run up to 37 miles and hour and jump 19ft horizontally and 10ft vertically. Critically endangered there are only roughly 60 of these big cats in the wild. These leopards have an anti-poaching brigade that works to protect them from being killed for their spotted fur. In 2012 the Amur Leopards received a protected area of land in Russia called Land of the Leopard National Park, here scientists and conservationist hope to increase their numbers.
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