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International Bird Rescue Research Center

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Rescue and Education

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Education and Advocacy

Their Work

International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) is a leading organization in the rescue and rehabilitation of oiled and injured seabirds. IBRRC has responded to over 150 oil spills around the world in its 40-year history and treated over 140 species of aquatic birds.  IBRRC is a key partner in the State of California’s Oiled Wildlife Care Network and operates year-round seabird rehabilitation programs from the State’s San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care Centers, caring for thousands of sick and injured aquatic birds.

In October 2009, IBRRC responded to a call for help from overwhelmed wildlife centers in the Northwest following a large-scale algal bloom off the coast of Oregon and Washington State. Heavy surf churned the algae into a slimy foam that impacted the waterproofing of thousands of seabirds, many of which washed up on local beaches. With help from the US Coast Guard, nearly 500 of the stricken seabirds were transported to the San Francisco Bay Oiled Bird Care Center where IBRRC’s trained staff and volunteers had the best chance of rehabilitating such a large number of wildlife casualties.

In the midst of this rescue effort, IBRRC was also activated to respond to an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay as part of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network. While fortunately the wildlife casualties from this incident were fewer than those hit by the algae bloom, it still meant a stretch for the skilled response team at an already challenging time.

SPCA International is proud to assist the IBRRC’s rescue efforts via an Emergency Grant.

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You can donate to this organization by sending a check to:
International Bird Rescue Research Center
4369 Cordelia Rd.
Fairfield, CA 94534

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International Bird Rescue Research Center

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