Emergency Grants

Community-based animal organizations work diligently to find solutions to the many problems that affect animals in a local area.  Frequently, however, shelters and rescue groups are hit by unexpected circumstances that go beyond what their budgets can handle.  SPCA International’s shelter programs are intended to recognize how difficult a job it can be to balance the needs of a community against the bottom-line of a budget.

SPCA International Emergency Grants are available for organizations experiencing unusual circumstances and unplanned expenditures.  These include such things as:

  • Natural disaster in the area where the organization operates;

  • Large-scale emergency event affecting the community where the organization operates;

  • Fire confined to the organization’s facility;

  • Break-in and theft of equipment and supplies; or

  • Large influx of animals as a result of an abuse/neglect case or hoarder situation.

Emergency Shelter Grants are distributed on an as-needed basis to qualifying organizations.

SPCA International welcomes nominations for Shelter of the Week and Emergency Grants.  Nominations may be submitted via email or postal mail.  Organizations may not nominate themselves.

To nominate a shelter for an Emergency Grant, click here.

To learn more about Emergency Grant criteria, click here.


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