Family: Matthew Barboa
Pet: Tank

Our baby has arrived!!!! My family is very happy I think my son may be the happiest his partner in crime is back. I can not thank you all enough for what you do for our service member and their families!!!! Having our pets be able to travel to Germany with us would not have been possible without you!!!

Operation Military Pets

Family: Tracy L.
Pets: Forrest, Poppy, Athena and Alex

My husband is a CPO with the Navy. We have a total of four four-legged babies/fur babies. We have a beautiful English Mastiff, a stunningly pretty brindle bullmastiff, a handsome labrador and a super cute grey tabby cat. My four-legged babies are like two-legged babies to us, so there was no question that they were all PCS'ing together when we left Hawaii to come to San Diego.

Here is where SPCAI comes into the picture. We had money saved up for our PCS, but the money we had was just enough money to get us by. We really needed the help with shipping our four-legged babies and I heard there were some organizations that helped with that, but when contacting some of these "organizations" they really didn't want to help us. Then I heard of your organization and I filled out an application. It wasn't maybe 3-4 days after I submitted the application that I heard back from SPCAI's program manager and she gave me the best news I could ever have. We were approved by your organization for financial assistance in shipping our four-legged babies from Hawaii to San Diego! I was so relieved and so much stress was lifted off our shoulders. There is really no other words to say but thank you so much for your organization. You guys really care about military and you do what you say you are going to do. I admire and would recommend your organization to anyone.

Operation Military Pets

Family: Jason and Ashley Riddle
Pets: Daisy and Leo

“My husband and I are eternally grateful to this amazing program for the help they gave us in getting our Pets to the states from overseas. We had a physically and emotionally tolling journey and they made it easier for us. It is so hard to get animals home to the states and programs like this one make it more bearable. Our 2 Pets are family members and it would have been devastating to have to leave one of them behind. Our whole family is now stateside and doing so well. Thank you again to donors and this program who helped make it possible.”

02.pngFamily: Stephen Comstock
Pet: Guinness

“I am really not sure what we would have done without the help of SPCA Operation Military Pets. I am active duty Navy and have been stationed in Yokosuka Japan since 2010. When my wife and I transferred to Japan we knew we had to bring out Great Dane Guinness with us, as it was a very important part of our family. At the time it cost approximately $1700 to ship him in a custom kennel through air cargo from Georgia to Japan. We expected similar cost to return him to Georgia from Japan when I received orders in 2013 and we planned accordingly, saving $3000 to cover the cost of shipping him home. However to our shock, we discovered it would cost approximately $7500 to ship him from Japan due to the shipping regulations. We have three kids who adore Guinness and love to play with him. He is amazing with our kids and despite his 130lbs size, he is very gentle with them. Given the nature of houses in Japan, there was no way we could adopt him out and were faced with the reality of having to euthanize a member of our family. With the help of the SPCA we were able to save Guinness and keep him as part of our family. Guinness is now safely back in the states eagerly awaiting our arrival later this year.”


Family: James Luneke
Pet: Penelope

“You don't know how happy this makes us! We are over the moon thrilled to have Penelope join us!


Family: Daniel, Jennifer, and Kane Stites
Pets: Titus and Vadar

“This is absolutely the most amazing organization. This organization has allowed us to get our four legged kids back home with us, without us having to sell everything in our house plus our first born. It is so hard for military families that bounce from one place to another and be able to keep a furry kids with us. Military members and their families are not rich my any means and it is very expensive to transport our pets. These are our family members and it is heart breaking that so many families have to part with their furry kids. Without this organization we would have been in a very, very tough place trying to get our Pets from the UK back to Texas. This organization is truly our life saver, they have kept our family together and we love each and everyone one of them for that.”


Family: James and Christina Stauffer
Pets: Brewster and Mandy

“Thank you SPCA International! Your email literally just brought tears to my eyes. Happy ones! Brewster and Mandy thought I was crazy!”


Family: Ryan and Pamela Potter
Pets: Bailey and Tobias

“We just wanted to share with you what a true blessing your organization was to us. Thank you for helping us stay together as a family and relieving the biggest financial burden in the whole moving process. :) Okinawa wouldn't be the same without our pups.”


Family: Stephen and Rayvn Tate
Pet: Vixen

"For Christmas 2008, I got my wife our boxer, Vixen. Vixen is our only child and is the center of our world, keeping us entertained and more importantly keeping my wife company when I was out to sea. She has gone everywhere we have, including our move to Hawaii in 2011. Although the cost was extreme, there was no way we would ever leave our only child behind. In early 2013, while stationed in Hawaii, we found out that I was separating from the US Navy after 10 years of service. We knew that the military would handle every aspect of our move, except for getting Vixen off of Oahu and back to the east coast. Finances and airline restrictions were our biggest hurdles in shipping Vixen. Flying a short- nosed dog is difficult since they are known for their respiratory problems, that difficulty was multiplied by having to find an airline that could handle flying an 80 pound dog from Hawaii to the east coast. Our goal was to minimize the stress on Vixen while keeping a tight rein on the budget. There were two airlines to choose from, one required us to buy a bigger crate, had a flight of 10+ hours with several layovers and an overnight stay at a kennel while the other cost a little more but meant she would only have one layover and would be back on the east coast that same day. Although our budget was tight, we could not see causing Vixen any undue stress to save a little money, so we picked the more expensive flight. Thanks to SPCAI, we were able to choose the less stressful flight for our “fur- child” across the US, without their help we would have been in a position to choose between Vixen’s wellbeing and our budget." 

"The SPCAI was extremely fast, efficient and helpful, even as Operation Military Pets was getting on its feet. After filling out the application, I got a response email the next day indicating what was happening and what I needed to do to continue. Within 2 weeks, we knew how much Operation Military Pets would be able to help us. We will be forever grateful to Operation Military Pets and SPCAI, as they helped make it possible to reduce the stress on Vixen and made our family’s transition from military life to civilian life much easier. We are so grateful and appreciative of the help with Vixen, as soon as our financial situation is stable, we will be making regular donations. I have also been spreading the word, as much as possible, so that military families do not feel like their only option is to get rid of their furry family members. Operation Military Pets is awesome and I hope they continue their work for military families for many, many years to come."


Family: Ervin and Courtney Bolling
Pets: Jetson and Rocket

“Thank you, again! I am so glad the SPCA International is helping military families stay with their furry family members!”

McBride.pngFamily: Akeem and Lauren McBride, US Army
Pets: Bully, Taz, and Leo

Thank you so much!!!! Words can not even explain how thankful we are for this! I have been a mess the past few weeks but this is definitely a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you to everyone who is a part of this program!!    

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