Animal Activities for Kids

Hey kids, do you love animals?  Here are five ways to celebrate your love of animals and help homeless pets at the same time.  Many of these activities require the help of an adult so be sure to check with a parent before getting started.

Raise Money for Shelter Animals: You can help shelters care for their dogs and cats by creating a collection canister out of an old coffee can or glass jar and asking your friends, family and neighbors to donate. First, set a fundraising goal - $10, $25 or even $100. Then, decorate the jar or can with photos of animals – or even your own animal drawings. After you have reached your goal, ask an adult for help mailing the donations to SPCA International or ask them to take you down to your local animal shelter to deliver the results of your good work in person.

Pet Food Drive: Even in the United States, there are people who may struggle to put food on their family dinner table.  In these situations, they also may find it hard to feed their pets.  You can help people in need by collecting cans and bags of pet food and delivering this donation to a local food bank. This is a great way to help animals and prevent struggling pet parents from having to surrender their friend to a shelter.

Bird Watching: Visit your local library and ask a librarian to help you find a book about the birds and wildlife in your area or search for information online. After reading about the local birds and wildlife, venture out to a local park or wildlife preserve with an adult. Bring along a pair of binoculars to get a closer look. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing the wildlife and birds from your research in their natural habitat. Afterward, have a conversation with your friends about what you saw. Learning about the wildlife around you and teaching your friends about these special creatures will spread understanding and promote humane treatment of all animals.

Shadow an Animal Shelter Volunteer: You may be too young to volunteer at your local animal shelter or sanctuary, but you can ask to shadow a shelter volunteer for an hour. The volunteer can show you the animals and tell how they keep them happy and healthy. This fun trip will help you get ready to become a shelter volunteer once you reach the minimum age requirement.

Neighborhood Pet Parade: Get your friends together and celebrate animals! Set a date and time and ask all your neighborhood friends to bring their pets, making sure that each animal is safely contained or restrained. Ask a parent to find a safe quiet residential street nearby and with their help parade around the block with your animals. You can even make signs and hand out humane education flyers to passersby.

This SPCA International article is intended to help further your understanding of your animal's needs. We understand yourunique bond with your pet and it is our pleasure to help you look after its welfare. Thanks to your continued support, SPCA International is able to provide you and countless others with important news regarding the safety of your pets. Thank you again for your donations – every little bit helps!
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