“We were thrilled to receive this recognition and a much needed grant to help with the enormous expenses we accrue monthly to help these animals that have so few places to go currently. SPCA International has helped us by believing in 'Our mission ' to help those with Feline Leukemia. We thank you SPCA International for all you have helped us with.” - Sabrina Hansen, Aslans Cats


“The SPCA International is a great organization helping animals all over the world . They were extremely quick in responding and kept us informed the whole time. Thank you to SPCA International for your wonderful support to Help in Suffering, Jaipur – India. We are very thankful to Lori Kalef for your kind support to Help In Suffering.”  Nirmal Jain, Help in Suffering 


"The SPCAI is a fantastic organization. We at SOS Galgos cannot speak highly enough about the SPCA International organization and their team. They are genuinely dedicated and committed to the long-term welfare of animals, in our case the Spanish greyhounds (galgos) who had been suffering in silence until the SPCAI came along and gave them a voice on an international level." Anna Clements, SOS Galgos


"SPCA International is a great organization helping animals all over the world. My experience with them, as that of a spokesperson for a homeless dog sanctuary in Russia, was remarkable. They were helpful, diligent in figuring out the specifics of the Russian rescue scene, and ended up offering an invaluable assistance to the sanctuary. Many people and formerly homeless dogs are very grateful. Thank you!" Natalie K., My Precious Mutt


"I have had the best experience with SPCA International. They have been very responsive and helpful the times I have reached out to them to request help for shelters in need. They have also helped me and my fellow group of volunteers raise awareness of violations of animal rights when other organizations have ignored our requests." Ana Johnston


"My name is Fernando and I'm the Director of TerrAnimal, an animal protection organization from Ecuador. My experience with SPCA-I was just the best. They have supported several spaying and neutering campaigns for companion animals in very poor zones, and I must say that the professionalism, the love for the cause and the understanding of different social realities represent the basis on where our activities in favor of animals were sustained. Were are developing new projects and looking forward to work with SPCA-I again." Fernando, TerrAnimal


"The SPCA is a great animal protection organization. They were incredibly solidarity with us. Since we are an organization in Bolivia, we have to rely on that our work is also taken seriously abroad. The SPCA has agreed to support our sterilization of stray animals in La Paz, Bolivia. Another part of their aid went to the sustainable treatment of stray dogs. The animals who are helped, live in the poorest parts of Bolivia.”  Animales SOS Bolivia


"Thank you to SPCA International and for your wonderful support to Operation Military Pets. We did not have much notice to move from AZ to HI, and the financial burden of moving our pets was extremely stressful. Leaving our pets behind was not an option, although we do realize why many military families do not have pets and/or choose to leave them when it's time to PCS. With the help of SPCA International, the financial burden was lifted. I will be giving back to this organization in hopes that I can repay the favor and potentially help another military family in need. Thanks again, SPCA International!" B.Bonds, U.S. OMP


"In 2010 Operation Baghdad Pups helped my wife and I (duel military spouses) get some kittens home to North Carolina from Southern Baghdad. We cannot imagine life without our sweet Tigger and Tiger. We just could not leave them in Iraq in that terrible war torn environment. Thanks to Operation Baghdad Pups we saved them!. Thanks to our friends in Operation Baghdad Pups and the SPCA International. Many thanks to you guys! You are all awesome!" -Ben and Kayla, U.S.


"As a member of the Board of Directors of Playa Animal Rescue, I have had the pleasure of working with SPCA International and in particular Lori Kalef. Lori and SPCA International were a tremendous help to Playa Animal Rescue (PAR) by funding a grant for PAR to help pay for a Hemogram machine which will enable our in-house veterinarian to do blood work, saving us money. The machine will also be offered to and utilized by another Playa del Carmen, Mexico area rescue organization, Coco's Cat Rescue. I am honored to work with Lori and SPCA International and look forward to doing so in in the future!" Craig Faulstich, Playa Animal Rescue

"Bogie laid on my chest on the ride home from the airport and she slept by my side all night long. I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt my hand get all wet. I woke up and Bogie had fallen asleep with her paw on my arm and she was drooling all over my hand. I'm not quite sure what she was dreaming about, but I'm glad she isn't a sleep chewer. LOL.

Thank you again, to you and all your colleagues, for getting all these dogs safely home from Iraq. It was so great to be with Bogie again and to see how big and healthy she has become. I can't wait until I'm stateside permanently and can take her hiking regularly. You guys are nothing short of amazing and such a great group of people to work with." - Bryan Johnson

"SPCAI Operation Baghdad Pups worked effortlessly to reunite myself and my dog Julia after I was unable to bring her home from overseas. They were actually able to send me back to get her! I cannot even begin to describe the joy that having Julia back in my life has brought to not only myself, but many of the soldiers that served there with us! SPCAI is by far the best nonprofit I have had the privilege of working with." - Shane Strange

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