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Who We've Helped


Operation Baghdad Pups

Since 2007, SPCA International's Operation Baghdad Pups has saved over 348 dogs, 97 cats, and one donkey, affecting the lives of hundreds of dedicated U.S. soldiers. SPCA International is always ready to respond to new requests from Americans working in Iraq, and we can't wait to share many more success stories with you in the coming year.

Shelter Support

Through donations of supply aid and cash grants, SPCA International's shelter support program has assisted 184 shelters since its founding. For more information about shelters we've helped, click here.

Spay and Neuter

SPCA International has helped to spay and neuter thousands of animals. In 2011, we teamed up with Spay Panama in our biggest mission to date, spaying and neutering 1137 pets and stray animals. Watch the video to find out how our supporters helped to fund this important work.


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Where Your Money Goes

Operation Baghdad Pups

Secure transportation within Iraq $2,000 to $6,000 based on animal's location in Iraq and the level of risk
Round trip airfare for transporter to and from Iraq $1,500
Airfare for animal from Iraq to Frankfurt to Washington, DC $500
Airline approved travel crate plus shipping $150
Vaccinations and Health Certificate $150
Boarding of animals while in Iraq at the security company kennel $6.75 per day
Boarding of animals while in DC $12.75 per day
Iraqi Travel Paperwork $45
U.S. Travel Paperwork $55
Veterinary Attention $50 to $500 (based on a wide variety of medical needs)

Testimonials & Thank You's

Operation Baghdad Pups Testimonials

Over the past few years, SPCA International has heard many touching stories from US service men and women who were directly affected by Operation Baghdad Pups. Read their testimonials below.

OBP "I want to thank everyone at Baghdad Pups and SPCA International for bringing home my war buddy Daisy. I was so happy when she made it home. It brought tears to this Sergeant’s eyes to know she was saved from certain death. Now she is here for me as I adjust to being home with Ptsd. I just love her she is my rock. Daisy was a special dog to Sergeant Christofferson before I arrived in Iraq. May he rest in peace.

SPCA International brought a measure of closure for his family to know that Daisy was saved and now at home with us. Thank you." - SGT Daniel Funovitz


Shelter Support

SPCA International has received numerous letters of from shelters across the United States, thanking us for supporting and helping them. Some examples are below.

"Thank you