A New Surgery Room for Tanzania Animal Welfare Society!

“We are at final building stages now and we hope by next week everything will complete for our housed surgery room.  Two of our most severe cases, Chapati and Magari, were waiting for their surgeries for a long time and when we saw they were losing more weight, we had to move the dates of their surgeries up. After finishing one portion of the building we prepared for aseptic surgeries early this March, 2012 and they have now fully recovered.  We are so happy that it all went well.  

We again thank you very much for supporting us so that now we have a durable surgery room which will help many other suffering animals in the country.

We will keep you updated…. attached is the picture of the building as it is for today.”

Thanks to all the SPCAI donors many animals will get the life-saving surgeries they deserve!  Thank you for supporting this great project.   You can view before and after images of the housed surgery room below.

The staff of SPCA International would like to commend TAWESO on the work that is being done to help the animals of Tanzania.  It is our hope that the housed surgery room will help many animals for many years to come.

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