Axel, Cherry and Anuch - Update!

In December 2011 we shared a story with you about 3 heroic bomb-sniffing dogs – Axel, Cherry and Anuch – who were stuck in Iraq and desperately needed our help in order to get the retirement they deserve. You responded with overwhelming support! And today, Axel, Cherry and Anuch are stateside settling into a retirement better than they could have imagined.

Cherry Cherry is now Charlie. His new family decided that was a much more fitting name for a masculine, male dog. Since Charlie kind of sounds like Cherry, he has started responding to his new name and seems to like it better. Charlie is never far from someone’s side, soaking up all the attention he can get. He has come to realize that living the life of leisure is pretty nice. Charlie does love time outdoors though and he will chase tennis balls until he runs out of steam, which does not happen real fast. Usually the person throwing the balls calls it quits first. The only thing that took some getting used to was walking on wood flooring. You would have thought Charlie was walking on ice.
Anuch Anuch was fostered in a loving home in Virginia until just this week, when he was placed in a new loving forever home in New Hampshire. Anuch’s new pet parent is a retired sailor who is thrilled to be giving this hero a forever home. This veteran has had many German Shepherds before Anuch, the last one just passing away recently after living with his family for over 11 years. Anuch is a welcome addition and they are looking forward to loving him for many, many years to come. Anuch loves to play with other dogs, fetch and run freely.
Axel Axel is doing well at his new home in Massachusetts. He enjoys being around the kids and the other four legged members of his family – cats included. His favorite pastime is going on hikes in the pastures surrounding his new home or exploring some of the nearby trails. He loves to get into the open fields and run and run and run. Axel’s other new love is footballs and he is gathering a whole collection of them which he stashes in his crate. His family didn’t know they had so many footballs but using his excellent sense of smell he has found them in the yard and bushes. Life continues to get better every day for Axel and his family in thrilled he came to live with them.
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