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I have wonderful news to share with you! Sarge reunited with Dan and his wife this week thanks to generous donations from supporters like you! Thank you so much for helping us keep this heroic and loyal military family together. Not only that, but thanks to the outpouring of support for Sarge, enough funds were raised to help many other military families facing the same difficult situation. Thank you for pitching in and supporting our military families and the pets they love. The financial grants provided to these families through Operation Military Pets not only keeps military families whole, but it saves lives by keeping these pets out of shelters and off the streets.

By Terri Crisp

This month we celebrate the first anniversary of SPCA International’s Operation Military Pets program. Over the past year, SPCA International has played a lifesaving role for 251 military families’ pets. For numerous financial reasons, each dog and cat faced the risk of having to be left behind – either in an already overcrowded animal shelter or handed off to someone else when their families moved to their next duty location. Thankfully 212 dogs and 37 cats were able to remain with their families because of SPCA International supporters.

By Meredith Ayan and Stephanie Scott

SPCA International is delighted to announce that last week, along with local Spanish animal rescue organizations, we testified about the cruel treatment of hunting Greyhounds before the Spanish Congress of Deputies.  This was an amazing opportunity to speak out on behalf of the over 60,000 Greyhounds abused, tortured and discarded in this country every year. We joined forces with many other incredible Spanish NGOs who are entirely dedicated to this work - it was a true honor to stand side-by-side with them. History was made and it was an extremely successful day speaking out for the Greyhounds of Spain! In addition to these great honors, we also prepared and delivered an official letter to the Congress from SPCAI urging for changes to laws and pleading for the enforcement of those laws that are already in place to prevent this cruelty.

By Lori Kalef and Meredith Ayan, SPCA International Staff

When Simba was found by SOS Galgos volunteers in Toledo, Spain, earlier this month she was hiding between trees and had an olive branch embedded in her mouth, keeping her jaw from closing properly. This cruel trick is an all too common punishment used by hunters for Greyhounds that are not performing properly. Hunters that were near, denied any association to Simba thus avoiding any possible altercation. A “useless” Greyhound was not worth the fight, and the volunteers managed to quietly walk away with her and bring her to safety.

By Lori Kalef and Meredith Ayan, SPCA International Staff

When our team first met Melody in a rural field in central Spain, she was locked in an enclosure with 2 other adult Greyhounds. There was no sign of other humans and barely any shade from the hot Spanish sun. As we approached the gate, we could tell that she was unsure of herself and if we meant any harm. We quickly offered her and her cage mates some food and water to relieve their hunger and thirst. One of the volunteers from SOS Galgos who lives in the area travels to their enclosure at twilight almost every evening to avoid being noticed and feeds them and many others kibble and treats.

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