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by Laura Díez -

(Imperfect translation by Google Translate) Hunting with hounds in Spain is one of those controversial topics that proponents and critics cross reproaches and mutual accusations to steady your posture. The galgueros called defending their love for dogs as the main argument and always come to the "we are not all equal." Meanwhile the animal protection associations and greyhounds especially refer to abuse suffered by this race, always associated with the instrumentation that make them hunters. A large number of them have developed a series of proposals by the Parliamentary Association in Defense of the Rights of Animals (APDDA) lead the Congress with a long- term ban hunting with hounds.

Protective associations of various countries have Galgos SOS initiative to promote a legislative initiative to eradicate the indiscriminate breeding, abuse and neglect of greyhounds in Spain.

Evelyn started taking care of siblings Chief and Gunner when she was stationed in Basra, located in southern Iraq. In Basra she was assigned to fly VIP's between the airport and the U.S. Consulate located in that city. The puppies were found on the helicopter ramp at the Basrah airport. They showed up on a bitterly cold night in late November. The weather guy went out that evening to check the visibility for an upcoming flight and saw two tiny puppies. He was able to get the black one to come to him, but the other was too frightened and ran off. When Evelyn learned about the puppies she jumped in and helped, never expecting the bond that would eventually form between her and these two homeless puppies. She got the braver puppy some food and put him in a warm vacant room with a blanket, food and water.

By Connection Newspapers

Ken and Gail Gardner of Alexandria were the lucky couple who adopted a 12-year-old German Shepherd through the Baghdad Pups Program of SPCA International. They welcomed Blek, a retired Landmine Detection Dog into their home about a year ago. Blek was born in Texas where he spent his first two years in intensive training learning to detect the trace elements of numerous explosive chemical compounds used in anti-personnel and anti vehicle/tank land mines. Blek continued his training for an additional year located in the Netherlands where he advanced his detection skills and learned to respond to commands in Dutch language. Blek was then assigned to duty in Iraq and served there from 2004 through 2011 for a total of seven years actively identifying the location of various types of land mines and other unexploded ordnance. Blek performed detection duties in Basra, Baghdad and in northern Iraq.

By Susannah Bryan, Sun Sentinel

Six small puppies cluster together, whimpering on the side of a dirt road east of the Everglades.

They have no food. No shelter from the mid-day sun. And no mother.

Locals say they found her shot dead in a nearby field the night before.

A van pulls up. by Stephen Bajza
If you've ever tried to transport an animal long-distance, you know that it's a complex process that can cost a lot of money -- and it can be even more difficult for servicemembers and their families, who must foot the bill for transporting pets due to frequent relocations, often to other countries. For some, the costs and logistics can be overwhelming, and it was for that reason that SPCA International (SPCAI), which has plenty of experience saving dogs and cats, has a new program assisting those needing to relocate their pets.

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