Travelling the World to Help Animals

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13 months ago Cody and I sold our belongings, quit our jobs, and set off on a trip that has been an eye opening experience. We had booked a one week stay at elephant nature park that turned out to be a 6 month stay, briefly caring for a baby elephant that was rejected by his mother, doing a lot of work for elephant conservation, visiting a government facility that was housing over 2000 dogs saved from the illegal dog meat trade, and volunteering with over 400 dogs at elephant nature parks dog shelter.

We left Canada loving animals, and being somewhat passionate about their right to freedom, but after seeing what we have seen and being involved so closely with animals and experiencing firsthand how loving, sensitive, and intelligent they are, we now feel it is our responsibility to protect them and give them a voice. 

We made the conscious decision 8 months ago to no longer participate in the suffering and horror that most animals go through every day of their lives. That meant going Vegan. It has been the best decision of our lives.

We are now working at a cat shelter in Bangkok called PAWS. We have been working at the shelter full time for the founder for the last 2 months, cleaning, doing treatments, medications, vaccinations, and adoptions. We have also been involved in a few sterilization projects.

We are new to this. We are mostly working on animal welfare projects, and spreading the word via online activism about animal rights. The more we are involved, the deeper we want to go.

We were contacted by Elephant Nature Park and asked if we would like to return to work with the dogs again. So we are heading back up to the elephant sanctuary on April 2nd for 2 weeks. And in May we spend the whole month in Koh Lanta at another dog shelter.

Cody and GiselleWe are learning a lot from many people and animals, and would eventually like to work more on animal rights around the world. We have a website ( where we have been sharing more and more about animals and their harsh reality in "our world".

We are just a normal (but quirky), artsy, compassionate married couple from Canada who know we can make a difference.

We are musicians, artists, a warehouse worker, a bartender, full time travelers, and now animal rights activists. 

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