Thailand Dog Profile: Juno

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JunoI have had the fortunate experience over the last month to live with one of the dogs that SPCA International rescued from Dog Condo, the animal shelter in Bangkok, Thailand that we helped clean up in June.   When we first met this small chocolate brown mixed breed dog she was extremely timid, like so many of the other dogs that live at Dog Condo.  I can only imagine how many reasons they all have to be so frightened and untrusting.  From a distance, this one dog would keep a watchful eye on the SPCA International team, her tail always tucked between her legs and ready to flee at the first movement or sound that startled her, and there were many.  Each time she would run off, she would slowly make her way back to where we were working, careful to keep a safe distance.   

JunoTwo days before we were to head back to the U.S. a volunteer and I were walking through the shelter.  Amazingly enough, never had we felt threatened by the hundreds of dogs that roamed throughout the facility.  This time something was different though.  Two growling dogs began to slowly approach the volunteer with teeth showing and their fur up on their back.  Before the dogs could attack, the small chocolate brown dog appeared and positioned herself between the volunteer and the two dogs.  In spite of being just a fraction of their size, she stood her ground and made it clear that she was not going to let these dogs hurt us.  This gave the volunteer and myself time to get to a safe location without anyone getting attacked.   We think the two dogs behaved the way they did because we had just finished a late lunch and the volunteer had eaten fried chicken.  The dogs must have gotten a whiff of the chicken smell on the volunteer’s hands and given how hungry the animals at Dog Condo always are, they were desperate to get something to eat.

When it came time for the SPCA International team to leave Thailand, we knew the small chocolate brown dog had earned a one way ticket to the U.S.  In the weeks since she has been here, she has learned so many things.  Most importantly, how to trust.  Slowly she has come to realize she is finally safe and that no person or dog will ever harm her again.  It is apparent that she has been abused in the past, so letting go of these memories has to be hard but animals are amazingly resilient creatures.

JunoWe named the small brown chocolate dog, Juno, which means protector of women, a name she earned.  As our friendship grows, Juno is now collecting nothing but positive memories – what it feels like to have a full stomach, how exciting it is to ride in the car, the comforts of sleeping on a bed, how much fun it is to finally be able to just play and how truly wonderful it is to be loved.

SPCA International rescued a total of 8 animals from Thailand.  Two of the dogs are still in need of a forever family.  If you would be interested in adopting either Reba or Shadow, please contact SPCA International.  I can guarantee your life will be richer, having them in it.

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