Saving Cole - Dog Condo, Thailand

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The first time the SPCAI team saw Cole was at Dog Condo in Bangkok, Thailand.  He could hardly lift his head due to a large mass under his chin. Making eye contact with anyone that passed his small deteriorating cage and breathing was a great effort on his part. You could see in his eyes that he was giving up on life.



When we took Cole out of Dog Condo, we thought we were taking him to the Veterinarian to have him euthanized. All of our hearts were heavy that day because of the decisions we all felt were were going to need to make, but knew that it was more humane to put him down then to allow him to suffer. As we carried him into the vet we all said our silent goodbyes. However, much to all of our surprise, after an exam by the veterinarian, we discovered that the mass was not a tumor but an abases due to excessive scratching from mange. Several drains were placed and within 24 hours Cole was able to lift his head all the way up and was wagging his tail.

Today, Cole is doing much better and is expected to make a full recovery. This is one very lucky dog that probably would have died from a very treatable condition.

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