Doggie on Board: AAA Says Majority of Survey Respondents Drive with Unrestrained Dogs

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I am sharing this article with you because it's a topic many dog parents avoid.  Very few of us want to confine our dogs in seat belts - they've been riding unrestrained for years, right?  But with all we hear about car crashes, like how little control we have in avoiding them when a drunk driver is on the road and how deadly even the slightest distraction can be, putting your dog in a special pet seat-belt is the right thing to do.

Even if your pet doesn't get fatally injured during the crash, they can be extremely shocked, afraid and flee in panic when a car door is opened or through an open window.  Could you imagine your pet running down a busy highway or out into an intersection seconds after your airbag deploys while you are still trying to recover from the shock yourself?  A pet seat belt can make the difference between life and death.  Our laws require children and adults to be restrained, why don't pet lovers insist on the same protection for their furry family members?

Please take just a moment to be aware and read AAA's "Pointers for Traveling with Your Pet" for more advice on transporting your pets.


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Pointers for Traveling with Your Pet

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