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In December of 2012, a deadly typhoon swept into the Philippines demolishing hundreds of villages, communities and neighborhoods in its path.

Typhoon Pablo anguished nearly 6 million people in 32 provinces, with the death toll reaching over one thousand. One can imagine that those who survived were dealing with both heartbreak and anxiety on where they would get food and water for themselves, yet in the midst of everything, many were distraught about the safety and well-being of their animals, sharing rations of food with their dogs, chickens and pigs.

Earlier this year we uncovered a facility housing almost 1,000 animals in deplorable conditions. The pictures below provide a snapshot of the standing water green with algae, trash debris, a breeding ground for infection and disease. This sick and starving animal population was it getting worse with each passing day. These creatures are at great risk by staying - but they have nowhere else to go.

Americans still serving in Iraq are desperate to bring their beloved animals home. They are at great risk every day they remain there. Please help us save them for our American Patriots. Donate Today!


SPCAI Impact
Most of our troops have pulled out of Iraq, but thousands of patriotic Americans remain there working as security contractors and diplomats. This month the Operation Baghdad Pups team received new requests to rescue 6 animals for Americans stationed in Iraq.

Life is like hell for dogs and cats in Panama. The uncontrolled exploding animal population sentences dogs and cats to cruel, short lives. Females are forced to survive bearing litter after litter with little nourishment to keep themselves alive, let alone their babies. They give birth to their litters in unsafe areas forcing these precious new lives to often be cut short in cruel, painful ways like starvation or being run over by passing cars and trucks.

5/24/2012 - We have great news for you! Thanks to all your work spreading the word and collecting donations, SPCAI met its fundraising goal for the current Operation Baghdad Pups mission to bring home 34 animals for American servicemembers in Iraq.

Operation Baghdad Pups Crisis


11 dogs and 1 cat are waiting to be rescued from the Middle East. Two of them are named Max and Mutt (pictured in the image gallery). They were befriended by U.S. troops stationed in Kuwait. Mutt and Max are adored by their soldiers who desperately want to give them safe, loving homes.

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