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What does SPCA International do?

Advancing the safety and well-being of animals

SPCA International specializes in assisting animals in areas of conflict and disaster. During times of natural disaster, political turmoil, war and man-made disaster - SPCA International is ready to take action for the protection of animals. Along with partner organizations around the world, we focus on helping in crisis situations where animals are at risk or in danger.

Meet SPCAI's Founder and Board President: Pierre Barnoti has been a dedicated animal activist for over 18 years.

These are some of our outreach programs that help thousands of animals every year, resulting in a drastic reduction of animal suffering and abuse throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

shelter cat Shelter Grants: We award grants to animal shelters in need of assistance every week, in the United States and all over the world. These much needed funds go a long way toward helping many shelters improve their physical conditions, facility needs, support spay and neuter programs, and reducing euthanasia rates.
Bird in Oil Spill Emergency Grants: Though shelters and animal organizations always try to plan for an unexpected influx of animals, an emergency situation or unseen expenses, shelters can often become overwhelmed. SPCA International's Emergency Grant program provides animal organizations in immediate crisis situations financial assistance when they need it the most.
Medical Assistance Global Animal Medical Assistance: SPCA International provides large shipments of medical supply aid to shelters throughout the world.  Through this program, organizations in developing countries have been able to treat more sick and needy animals than ever before.  Over the past several years SPCAI has distributed millions of dollars in medical supplies to shelters on almost every continent. 
Operation Baghdad Pups Operation Baghdad Pups: This highly successful and celebrated program has helped U.S. troops safely transport home the companion animals they befriend in the Middle East since 2008.  SPCA International continues to regularly receive requests for help from Americans serving in the Middle East.  In 2013, SPCA International launched a new sister-program called Operation Military Pets.
Operation Military Pets Operation Military Pets:  When a U.S. military family is ordered to relocate, the military reimburses many moving costs, but they don’t help relocate the family pet. Operation Military Pets program helps keep military families together by providing financial assistance for pet relocation costs.  Whether being relocated within the United States or anywhere in the world, SPCA International’s Operation Military Pets is here to keep pets out of animal shelters and with the ones they love.


Educational and Support Programs: SPCA Answers Educational Program: SPCAI’s educational programs reach hundreds of thousands of pet parents and animal activists every year. The SPCA Answers program serves as an information hub and a referral resource for animal lovers, pet parents and animal welfare activists throughout the world. SPCA Answers connects people with local shelters, helps initiate cruelty investigations, assists animal advocates in their fight against cruelty, offers individual support for people dealing with unique situations, and much more.

We encourage you to continue exploring our website to get the latest news, learn more about our programs and how you can directly help us make a difference!

The Pedigree Certificate of Recognition

In 2009, Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters from Broadway Barks presented SPCA International with the Pedigree Certificate of Recognition honoring the success of our popular program "Operation Baghdad Pups".

Many publications and media outlets have featured our work including CNN, Fox News, the Early Show, The Washington Post, USA Today, hundreds of local NBC, ABC, CBS channels nationwide, Headline News, The Military Channel, Military Times, NY Daily News, NY Post, Los Angeles Times, Woman's World, Reuters, Associated Press, Guideposts, Forbes.com, ZooToo.com, Seattle PI and the Animal Planet shows "Must Love Cats" and "Underdog to Wonderdog".

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SPCA International
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SPCA International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Click here to download legal and financial documents.

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